Full-Auto Trigger Group

Designed with the same quality features found in all CMC Triggers, the CMC AR-15/10 Full-Auto Select Fire Drop-in Trigger has been created explicitly with Military and Law Enforcement in mind. Designed for performance that provides the confidence needed to get the job done in any operational or training situation. 

In semi-automatic mode, the CMC Full-Auto is a precision trigger that allows precise and accurate trigger control. In fully-automatic mode, the CMC Full-Auto offers a smooth, continuous trigger pull and abrupt hammer release.

Single Stage trigger group

The Original AR-15 Drop-In Trigger. CMC Triggers innovative, self-contained, and easy-to-install AR-15/AR-10 Trigger Groups, have been completely retooled to maximize production capacities, incorporate new design enhancements, and reduce cost to the customer.

CMC’s critical sear engagement surfaces have a propriety machining process that renders superior surface finish and dimensional control. CMC Triggers sear engagement overlap is up to 6-8 times greater than our competitors. This
provides a much safer trigger and enhances reliability.

CMC’s “Classic” Curved Drop-in Trigger Group is for the shooter who wants a traditional feel. CMC’s patented “Signature” Flat Drop-in Trigger Group allows the shooter's finger to rest naturally on the shoe ensuring every pull is the same as the one before it. CMC’s C.C.T.™ (Combat Curve Trigger) offers the best of both.

Single Stage | COMBAT CURVED

CMC’s AR-15/10 “Hybrid” Combat Curved Trigger’s (CCT™) innovative design combines the comfort of the classic curve with CMC’s signature flat trigger indexing into one dynamic trigger bow for the modern warfighter.


Two Stage Trigger Group

CMC’s Two Stage Trigger replaces your AR’s gritty, heavy factory trigger and gives you a smooth, consistent, two stage pull with a crisp, clean break and short reset. Based on the drop-in trigger module designed by competition shooter Chip McCormick to provide all the advantages of a match-grade trigger without hand-fitting or trial and error.

CMC’S Two Stage Triggers come pre-set from the factory with a variety of “set” and “release” stage pull weights, so you can choose a combination that’s best for your kind of shooting.




and receive exclusive offers, the latest product info, and much more.


And receive exclusive offers, the latest product info, and much more.